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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd, Lathom, Skelmersdale

If your car pulls slightly in one direction or your steering wheel seems slightly off centre. Uneven tyre wear can also cause juddering from the steering wheel, these could be signs that you need to check the wheel alignment on your vehicle.

At Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd we specialise in Tracking and Wheel Alignment.

Our specialist staff are regularly trained and work with the latest technology to ensure your wheels are aligned to the greatest accuracy, so that you can enjoy smooth, economical and safe driving.

We at Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd are happy to help if you have any questions regarding your Wheel Alignment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When Wheel Alignment is required?

Many things can cause your wheels to unaligned, be it heavy loads, hitting a pot-hole or a curb. Shocks to the chassis or a small accident will have a detrimental effect on the vehicles wheel alignment. This in turn will effect the tyre wear, how the vehicle handles and safety.

What is a Wheel Alignment Check?

A Wheel Alignment check involves Making sure the direction and angle of the wheel are correct.

A wheel alignment check ensures better braking performance, less tyre wear and a smoother drive.

How we check your Wheel Alignment:

When to check the alignment of your wheels:

At each service intervalWhen a tyre is replacedIn there is any abnormal wear of the tyres on the shoulderWhen manoeuvrability is unstableWhen driving quality is worsenedAfter an accident

Toe in/Toe out - Measures how much the wheels are turned in or out when viewed from a straight ahead.

If the front of the wheels are closer together than the rear of the wheels we call this toe-in.

If the rear of the wheels are closer together than the front then that is called toe-out.

Positive and Negative Camber

If a wheel leans slightly towards the wheel arch we say that it has a negative camber, if the wheel leans in the opposite direction we describe it as a positive camber.

If the camber position changes, it can have an effect on the surfaces of the tyres, which will impact on the stability of the car. We want a vehicle to travel straight and under precise control, so we must make them as perpendicular as possible to the road.

To get the most out of your tyres – Check the wheel alignment regularly.

Let our master technicians at Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd, Lathom, Skelmersdale test your vehicles Wheel Alignment with the very latest in Wheel Alignment equipment.