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The car inspection/service is a maintenance service for the car. The inspection is scheduled for all vehicles at regular intervals. The most important parts of the car are checked for wear. Regular car inspections are not only relevant for safety and environmental reasons. The manufacturer's warranty, the resale value, the life of the car and the individual functions are affected.

Large and small services for your car at Premier Tyre And Autocare in SkelmersdaleDepending on the age and mileage of the car, the manufacturer prescribes either a small or a large inspection. For vehicles that did not cover enough mileage within a year, only a so-called annual (small) inspection occurs.

The small inspection is often limited to an oil change, the refilling of other liquids (windscreen washer, brake fluid) and changing the air filter.

The major service covers the work on the engine, gearbox, underbody, lighting, axles, brakes and all other assemblies that are safety-related or subject to wear. The time required for the large service can be very different, because possibly also extensive disassembly and assembly work may be necessary.

What is done during a service?

The extent of car inspections differs. What exactly is done with the small and large service on your car, can be found in the respective maintenance plan (vehicle handbook). In addition, our experts will explain to you exactly what needs doing. We will, in any case, inspect all safety-relevant aspects of the vehicle during every inspection. If we detect any defects during the service, we will inform you.

These checks are made during an inspection on the car:

Brakes and shock absorbers,Electrics and lighting,Transmission and engine check,Visual inspection of the engine compartment and exterior of the vehicle.When checking the brake system, we check not only the brake fluid level but also the brake discs, pads, callipers etc.

The inspection of the power steering system includes the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic oil, the steering gear and the tie rods, while the inspection of the vehicle electrics includes the warning lights, the airbags, the belts and the exterior lighting.

The test of the gearbox includes the joint covers, the oil level and the coupling. During the engine inspection, the engine compartment and the exhaust system are inspected, any leaks are eliminated and engine oil is filled up.

The last inspection area is then the exterior of the car. Hinges and locks are greased, tyres and wheels thoroughly checked and tested and used filters for the heating and air conditioning are renewed.

Changing of these parts is usually done during an inspection:

Interior filter/pollen filter,

Oil filter and just the right engine oil,

Air filter,

Spark/glow plugs.

Additional repairs only after consultation

As part of the inspection of your car, the Premier Tyre And Autocare team will not perform any repairs without your consent. We will never add any additional costs to the service bill without your knowledge. Before carrying out any maintenance and/or work, it will always be discussed with you. Only when you give your consent, we will start work. Let us explain what exactly should be done and then decide for yourself

You may leave the workshop without repair. As mentioned before, the car inspection/service is voluntary and without influence on the road approval of your vehicle.

When is the inspection of the car due?

Please note: The car manufacturers make their warranty dependent on whether the maintenance service is carried out at all and also at the specified time. Any deficiencies should be identified and remedied before they cause damage. If this is not observed, the warranty claim against the manufacturer usually becomes invalid. If damage occurs which can be related to a delayed or not carried out service, this can be a problem. Most manufacturers and insurance companies will reject the claim. This means you could be made payable for any damage with 100%.

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