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Welcome to our Premier Tyre And Autocare information page about the exhaust.

The exhaust in the car: tasks and most common defects

The word exhaust is colloquial and actually stands for the exhaust system. The exhaust consists of several components and is attached to the underside of the vehicle. Learn what the exhaust does on the car and what happens if it does not work properly.

As a rule, the exhaust system starts with the manifold (also called exhaust manifold), which is directly connected to the cylinder head. It is bordered by the "bifurcated pipe", which joins the compounds coming from the exhaust manifold. It is followed by the catalyst, which is usually surrounded by a heat shield and, in some diesel engines, an additional soot filter. These are responsible for a reduction of pollutant emissions in the exhaust gas. The subject of catalytic converters has become increasingly important in recent years due to the introduced emission standards for car owners and manufacturers. On the catalyst follows the front and middle silencer. Their main task is the absorption of high-frequency sound waves. The final muffler, which is the last bit of the exhaust chain, has the task to dampen the transmitted noise and to minimise the vibrations in the exhaust stream.

Optional to the exhaust - the exhaust cover

Not always, but on some cars the exhaust ends with the exhaust cover. Since the exhaust baffle has no direct function with regard to the exhaust gas removal, it is optional. An exhaust panel is primarily responsible for the appearance of the exhaust. Especially among hobbyists and tuners, it is an important component, as it visually enhances the exhaust. If an exhaust cover is fitted, it is usually the only visible part of the exhaust system from outside.

Tasks of the exhaust system

The exhaust has two main functions. First, the exhaust is responsible for discharging and filtering the engine's combustion exhaust gases so that they do not remain in the engine or be routed to the inside of the vehicle. The second main task is to dampen and minimise the pressure surges created during combustion in the combustion chambers to reduce noise emission. If the exhaust does not work properly

In addition, a poorly assembled or defective exhaust can reduce the performance of the engine, as it influences the torque in the usable speed range of the drive unit. A vehicle with a defective exhaust is significantly louder, as parts of the sound are leaked into the environment and are not caught by the mufflers. To ensure the function, you have to change the porous components of the exhaust from time to time.

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