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Here at Premier Tyres & Auto Care in Lathom Skelmersdale, we are proud to be able to offer Bridgestone Tyres and stock a vast range to suit your every need.

The very first Bridgestone tyre was manufactured back in 1930, and in 1988 they purchased Firestone. They are now a major manufacturer and operate in more than 150 countries worldwide as well as having 14 tyre plants. They offer a vast range of car, 4x4, van, motorcycle, truck, bus, off-road and agricultural tyres. They are now one of the biggest players in the tyre world. They are also actively involved in the racing circuit and have managed to develop a global team of experts ensuring the highest quality, service, and technology.

Their mission statement is to make the driver's life safer and more for-filling by ensuring they use world-class technology in their products.

Original Equipment

Did you know that one in five vehicles across the world drives on Bridgestone’s so is it any wonder that various manufacturers have supplied them with OE approval which includes the likes of Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Renault, Toyota, and BMW.

They are fully committed to keeping every driver/passenger safe, by providing high quality, longevity, comfort, and eco-friendliness on every single tyre they produce. Each year they spend around £300 million on research and development as they strive to continue to be top of their game and pride themselves on focussing on developing tyres with lower environmental impacts.

They currently have an impressive seven car ranges which is designed for a variety of cars and needs which include your everyday tyres as well as eco and high-performance sports tyres.

Please contact us here at Premier Tyres & Auto Care in Lathom Skelmersdale for further information or to order a Bridgestone tyre feel free to use our online ordering system by entering your tyre size or vehicle registration number so we can provide you with a price we know you will be happy with.

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