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Continental Tyres

Premier Tyres & Auto Care here in Lathom Skelmersdale are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of Continental tyres.

Continental takes enormous pride in having the highest quality technology and has over 140 years of industry experience. The group has more than 87,000 workers across 170 locations worldwide.

Over the years Continental has developed vital technologies to enable safer and more comfortable driving. The first ever tread pattern was invented by Continental back in 1904 and can now offer 360-degree vehicle cameras, and connective cruise controls and this manufacturer isn't just about tyres they provide the whole package. In February 2017 they were awarded Tyre Manufacturer of the year at the Tyre Technology Expo in Hanover which was an incredible achievement and a credit to their continued product development.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Driving safety and comfort are often directly related to the condition of the tyre. A massive 40% of all sudden tyre breakdowns are linked to under inflated tyres. The TPMS which was developed by Continental allows the tyres to be permanently monitored and alerts you to any loss of pressure.

Continental Car Tyres

Continental has been raising the bar on many premium tyres for a vast number of years which is why they are one of the leading original equipment suppliers for car manufacturers around the world. They offer an extensive range of high-performance tyres from a family car to sports cars.

All Continental tyres adhere to all the necessary industry standards, from ensuring maximum speed to dry/wet braking, comfort, handling, and noise as well as increased mileage and fuel efficiency.

If shorter braking distances aren't enough Continental tyres also have incredible handling characteristics. They use Innovative technologies like Conti Silent which minimise noise by applying a polyurethane foam which is attached to the inner tyre, therefore enhancing the driving experience. Continental is also continually developing advanced technologies, and Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres are one example how the leading edge of these technology developments enables higher grip on the road, better safety, and excellent handling.

Continental defines ultra high-performance tyres such as car, 4x4 and SUV's that are 17” in diameter or above. They also include all specialist tyres and provide solutions to many of the leading car manufacturers.

Order your Continental tyres from us here at Premier Tyres & Auto Care today by using our online ordering facility by entering the tyre size you require or your vehicle registration number, and within a few seconds, you will be presented with a highly competitive price.

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