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Are you looking for Tyre Repairs for your vehicle?

A tyre puncture (flat tyre) is where the tyre has deflated resulting in the vehicle running on the rim. This could lead to loss of vehicle control and may cause irreparable damage to the tyre.

Possible causes:

  • Worn out tread that result in tyre failure
  • Damage to the tyre's valve stern
  • Damage to the link between the tyre and rim following damage from an external source
  • Damage due to tread penetration by sharp objects like a nail or glass

It is not always necessary to have to replace your tyre in the event of a puncture, and where the damage is quite minimal, a cost-effective tyre repair can be carried out.

A professional tyre repair is a cost effective solution to a tyre puncture/flat tyre.

Before every puncture repair, a check needs to be carried out to ensure that there is no secondary damage to the tyre, which might include deformity of the bead wires or rubber/tread separations.

A professional tyre repair involves;

  • Removal of the tyre from the rim
  • Cleaning of the damage channel
  • A repair patch is fitted inside the tyre
  • Replacement of the tyre
  • Balancing will be required following the repair

Can I repair my tyre myself?

A puncture repair can be quite an involved task and it is therefore not advisable to try and repair the tyre yourself. When trying to repair the tyre yourself you are not able to fully inspect the tyre for secondary damage.

Most importantly a repair should never be attempted in the following situations:

  • Illegal tread depth
  • Secondary damage
  • Ageing
  • Deterioration of tyre rubber
  • Bead damage
  • Exposed cords
  • Faulty/poor previous repairs

If following inspection, the tyre is considered to be unsafe for repair then we will be unable to repair the tyre and will recommend that it is replaced.

At Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd, Lathom, Skelmersdale our skilled, experienced and certified tyre technicians can inspect the severity of the damaged tyre and carry out your tyre repair.