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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

As the days get shorter, the light has to be turned on and off to work. Cold and humid air force the blower to run continuously. The battery has few opportunities to recharge during a short drive. There are also low temperatures. Every starting process becomes a challenge for the battery because the oil is viscous and the fuel evaporates only slowly.

Instead of waiting for the battery to run out of power in winter, car owners should get it checked and if necessary replaced it in autumn. We at Premier Tyre And Autocare in Skelmersdale offer our customers a free battery check.

A new battery for the car surely is a good investment as it provides operational reliability even in winter.

The cost of replacing the battery The installation of the new battery is negligible in price. The spare part itself causes the higher costs. The price of a car battery depends on various factors.

Batteries with a large capacity are usually more expensive. This will be indicated in Ah (amp hours). Further criteria are the required maintenance and the performance profile. Today, maintenance-free pre-charged batteries are common.

At Premier Tyre And Autocare, we can offer you a wide variety of quality car batteries at very reasonable prices.

Please note:

The technical development of the vehicles and the wide range of similar-looking batteries make the choice of the right model and the installation of the battery more complicated than it was a few years ago.

Choosing the right battery

Capacity, the dimensions and the location of the contacts had always been taken into account by motorists when replacing the battery. Today, more exact specifications are required. Those who are unfamiliar should only use those batteries recommended by the car manufacturer.

It is important to make sure that it is a starter battery. Storage batteries for solar systems often look very similar to these. However, these can not supply the high currents that are necessary during the starting process.

On vehicles with start-stop automatic, the profile must be adapted to the many starting procedures. Cars that are equipped with a start-stop system without recuperation technology, often take the high battery power because the engine stops and starts very often. These models require EFB batteries. A conventional battery would be discharged after a short time.

If the car has recuperation technology, an AGM battery is necessary. In these vehicles, the frequent removal of energy and recharging when braking for the battery is a problem. The battery manufacturers have therefore developed special batteries that will not harm frequent short charging.

In modern vehicles, electronic clocks, speedometers and radios are installed, which must be restarted after an interruption of the circuit. On some models, this happens automatically but can take a few hours. Almost always, the code for the radio has to be re-entered. The clock must also be reset.

This problem can be avoided if a charger instead of the battery provides power. This bridges the battery. To avoid damage, the contacts must be created according to exact regulations.

Checklist for replacing a car battery

When it makes sense to change the battery:

  • Weakness manifests itself when the battery no longer speeds through the starter.
  • Start-up problems when the light is on are also an indication.
  • Battery checks in the workshop reliably indicate a weak battery.
  • If there are signs of weakness, exchange at the latest in autumn.
  • Capacity and type of battery should be identical to the existing battery.
  • Observe manufacturer's instructions.
  • Pay attention to the charge retention when changing.
  • After the exchange:
  • Check if the clock, radio and speedometer work without interference.
  • Check that the battery is firmly fitted into the holder.
  • Poles must be firmly connected to the connecting cables.

If you have any question, want us to check your battery power or want to get a new battery from us, please let us know. Give us a call or come to see us. Battery Service - Premier Tyre And Autocare Ltd. in Lathom, Skelmersdale.