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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

Premier Tyres and Autocare Ltd, Lathom

4X4 tyres are designed for use on all-terrain vehicles and SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). There is a variety of different tyres and sizes to choose from dependent on what you intend to use them for and being designed for more challenging terrain and road surfaces.

The special tyre design allows the tyres to get a superior grip on tough terrain like mud and snow without the tread on the tyre becoming clogged.

As with all vehicles, quality tyres are an essential part of the overall experience, including the safety aspect.

4×4 tyres will ensure optimum performance, comfort and durability.

Types of 4x4 Tyres

Off Road/Mud Tyres

If you’re going off-road, off road/mud tyres are the perfect choice, providing outstanding deep grip and performance in the worst conditions. A mud tyre will deliver unmatched grip and safety in the most challenging of off-road conditions. Off road tyres are suited to any road surface and steep inclines. They are Ideal for agricultural vehicles and for recreational vehicles that are not going to be used on public roads.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-Terrain tyres are placed right in the middle of the tyre performance spectrum. They are ideal for driving in all types of terrains. These tyres are based on a combination of compounding and technology that makes them the perfect choice whatever the weather, whatever the terrain. They are the all round tyre for the motorist that do not wish to change their tyres between each different activity

On Road Tyres

To be used for road and motorway use. They provide a smooth ride and are more fuel efficient that off road tyres.

The on road tyre is designed to suit a variety of SUVs and is meant to provide a longer tread.

What are the benefits of choosing 4x4 Tyres

4X4 tyres are designed for use on all-terrain vehicles and SUVs

Fantastic traction, these tyres are designed for off-road and are the obvious choice when driving in difficult terrain.

4x4 tyres offer improved grip in adverse weather conditions like mud, snow and ice.

4x4 tyres typically feature a higher load index which means that they can safely handle heavy loads.

At Premier Tyres and Autocare Ltd, Lathom we stock a wide range of 4x4 Tyres, to suit all terrains.

We will be happy to advise and help you choose the most suitable tyre for your 4x4 needs