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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostic for your vehicle?

Welcome to Premier Tyre and Autocare Ltd. On this web page, we would like to give you some information about engine diagnostics or "error memory readout".

Hardly any vehicle owner had not experienced the moment when suddenly the yellow engine indicator light came on brightly on the instrument panel or the dashboard.

The first question that arises is what the cause is. What has just happened and what is wrong with my car's engine? Can I drive any further without irreparably damaging my engine?

Causes are usually as different as the possibilities of error memory diagnostics.

Driving with the Engine Light - May I drive with the Engine Light on?

As a general rule, driving with the engine indicator light on is never recommended. There is always a reason why the car warns you of an issue. The causes can reach from a harmless loose contact, for example, at the lambda probe of your exhaust, over misfiring to a serious engine damage. Therefore, unfortunately, it cannot be determined with certainty without a fault memory diagnosis, whether the cause is harmless or not.

As a general rule, you should contact us at our Premier Tyre and Autocare workshop as soon as possible and have the engine diagnostics carried out.

Our competent experts can read your vehicle's fault memory with the latest, state of the art technology and see how harmless or serious the situation is.

What happens during the engine diagnostics?

If you have your vehicle's fault memory read out, we plug in a special computer to your vehicle's control unit. We will check the electronic log of the engine control unit. There all errors are recorded in the form of so-called error codes. With these codes, a vehicle is basically diagnosing itself. As a rule, however, the cause of the problem cannot be determined directly via such an error code, but merely a symptom. However our well-trained experts can conclude possible causes from these error codes.

Example: The error code "P0300: misfire on cylinder 1" is stored in the error memory. The cause is not clear, but our experienced technicians know that defective spark plugs, ignition cables or ignition coils may be responsible for the failure. So they will first check these components before considering other, less common causes such as fuel system or valves.

By the so-called OBD-2 ("on-board diagnosis") protocol meanwhile all common motor vehicles are equipped with a standardised interface for fault memory diagnosis. This is an international standard for diagnosing emissions-related engine control errors. The exhaust emission test is now also done via OBD diagnostics.

Want us to read your vehicle's error memory? Please come to see us for engine diagnostics at the Premier Tyre And Autocare workshop in Skelmersdale.

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