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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Each type of tyre has a specific temperature range at which it performs best and it is strongly recommended that you switch to using summer tyres during the periods of warmer weather (Easter to October). The average temperature during these months is much warmer and far less likely to drop below +7°C. If you continue to use winter tyres during this warmer weather period they will become less effective and less fuel efficient.

Summer tyres are designed to provide greater grip levels on both wet and dry roads. This improved grip is the result of the specially designed thread pattern with fewer grooves and sipes. Summer tyres are most appropriate when the air temperature is above +7°C.

Summer tyres will have compounds which can sustain more heat and will wear less at higher temperatures. The compound used in summer tyres and the tread design make summer tyres less suitable in conditions where the temperature falls below +7°C.

Why should I choose summer tyres:

  • To provide an optimal driving performance during the summer months
  • Increased responsiveness when steering and cornering hard
  • Improved handling through twists and turn
  • Better mileage and improved fuel efficiency
  • Driver comfort
  • Reduced Noise

When should I switch to Summer Tyres?

The majority of manufacturers will fit summer tyres as standard to your vehicle so it is most likely that your car is already fitted with summer tyres. If however, at some point you have replaced your summer tyre with a winter tyre. We strongly recommend that you switch back to using a summer tyre when the weather is warmer and reaches average temperatures of +7°C. Using a winter tyre will no longer provide you with the best grip on warm dry roads.

At Premier Tyres and Autocare Ltd we suggest that you swap your winter tyres with more appropriate summer tyres between the months of April and October.

We stock a wide range of Summer Tyres ranging from cheap quality tyres, mid-range tyres up to the premium tyre brand manufacturers, such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental or Dunlop.