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Are you looking for Clutch for your vehicle?

As a link between engine and transmission, the clutch is an indispensable component. It allows both starting and changing gears. In addition, it serves as overload protection and damper for the torsional vibrations of the engine. But like almost every component in the car, the clutch is subject to wear. Once the individual elements have reached their lifespan, you have to change them.

With Premier Tyre And Autocare in Skelmersdale, you have found a top-class maintenance- and repair workshop for all your vehicle needs, including clutch maintenance.

Change the clutch - when and why?

When the clutch disc needs to be changed, actually depends on the driver, the driving profile and the vehicle type. The clutch consists of flywheel, pressure plate, disengaging unit and the clutch disc. The latter is provided with friction elements that wear off over time. That is why the clutch is one of the wear parts. However, clutches have a long service life, so that you usually only have to change the clutch disc after 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

How do I know that a change is imminent?

If replacement is imminent, you will notice the signs of a slipping clutch. In this case, the power from the engine cannot be fully transferred. Also, as an indication of a pending change due to a defective clutch, an increased power demand can be evaluated when changing gear. Likewise, a crackling noise can be detected in the transmission. Whether you need to replace the clutch, and when a defect can be ruled out, our experienced technicians can already determine during a short test drive.

Change of the clutch - always in a professional workshop!

To change the clutch, the engine must be disconnected from the gearbox. Ideally, you drive the car to a ramp or pit. Since the transmission is an important support for the engine, care must be taken when removing the clutch that the engine has a firm hold. A crane or engine mount is invaluable. Furthermore, when reassembling, the clutch disc must be exactly centred. To ensure this, special tools are used in our workshop. It should also be taken into account during installation that tightening torques specified by the manufacturer for many screws must be adhered to. All in all, therefore, it makes sense to leave this demanding and time-consuming task to our professionals in the workshop. These have the necessary experience and equipment to perform the task quickly, correctly and accident-free.

How much does it cost me to change the clutch?

Generally, there are no fixed prices for the change of a clutch. The price depends mainly on the size and type of spare parts of the car. Also, the number of hours required for the work plays an important role. But please don't worry. Our prices at Premier Tyre And Autocare are surprisingly low. Before we start working on your vehicle, we will have a good look, speak to you about the different options and then give you an accurate estimate of the work and parts.

Let us (pleasantly) surprise you!