Terms & Conditions of Use

Premier Tyres and Auto Care accepts all types of vehicles at their garage to provide services that include repairs, MOT check, and servicing. We also supply different kinds of tyres from numerous brands to motorists across the UK. The registered office of Premier Tyres and Auto Care is located at 167, Blaguegate Ln, Lathom, Skelmersdale WN8 8TY; and may be contacted through phone number 01695 50393 and email address bikerpaul36@yahoo.co.uk.

The terms and conditions mentioned on this page aim to govern the relationship between Premier Tyres and Auto Care and its customers.


'We' and 'Our' refers to Premier Tyres and Auto Care. 'Our site' and 'Our website' means the website owned and controlled by Premier Tyres and Auto Care, https://www.premiertyresandautocare.com/. 'You' refers to the user/visitor of our website.

Please read through the terms mentioned below carefully:

1. Online Price and Transactions

The total cost of all the products and services that we offer and are mentioned on our website is in pounds. The cost includes VAT and, parts and labour charges. Booking a service appointment or ordering a product from our website merely represents an offer from you to buy the services/products we provide and does not put any contractual obligations between us. You may complete the purchase and receive an order confirmation from us. But if we are unable to fulfil that order, then we retain the right to cancel it. This is bound to happen if the purchased product is found to be out of stock, resources to fulfil the purchased service are unavailable, or the content information pertaining to the purchased product/service is incorrect. In these scenarios, our relevant team will contact you and offer you an equivalent product and/or reschedule the cancelled appointment. If we fail to find an agreement with you on substitute offerings, then you may cancel the order/appointment and claim a full refund. We are not responsible for economic loss or damage resulting from the delay in processing your order or cancellations. We are only liable to refund the amount paid by you in advance to purchase our products/services. The price of product/service purchased online from our website must be paid in full at the time of order itself or at the time of receiving that product/service. We accept payments via debit/credit cards, valid bank cards, and cash-on-delivery on our site. You may even opt to complete the payment in cash while purchasing the product/service from our garage in Skelmersdale. If the payments are not completed on time, then we retain the right to cancel the order. Our site consists of an extensive range of products and service offerings. We review all the information and materials on our site regularly to ensure it is as accurate as possible. However, there may be certain information on the website that may be incorrect or a product/service that is incorrectly priced. As mentioned earlier, if you buy such a product/service, our team will get in touch with you and provide substitute offerings. We are not responsible for incorrect information and content on our site, which also includes but not limited to, price list, sales literature, invoice or any other relevant document, and is subject to correction by us.

2. Incorrect Tyre Order

It is your responsibility to make sure that the tyres you purchase from our website meet your vehicle specifications. You must verify correct tyre size and specs, vehicle type, and consider the road and driving conditions before you order the tyres from our site. We are not liable for any loss or damage occurring as a result of your incorrect order. In case you have purchased wrong tyres, we shall follow standard procedures pertaining to our return/refund policy and reschedule your fitting appointment (if applicable).

3. Returns/ Refunds

Complying with your statutory rights, we do not accept returns or exchange of tyres or any other automotive parts that have already been fitted to your vehicle. If you find the purchased tyre to be defective after getting it fitted, you must buy a replacement product while we send the returned product to the manufacturer for fault assessment. If the returned tyre is found faulty, then you will be refunded the cost of the replacement tyre in full. We hold no other liability other than refunding you for the purchase of the defective product.

4. Missing Appointments

You must visit our garage with your vehicle on time if you have booked an appointment with us in advance to render our services. An unplanned delay may affect the scheduled appointment, and may even lead to cancellation which would require you to reschedule the appointment again. For vehicle servicing, your vehicle must be at our garage by 9 am. Concerning particular services;

If you completed the payments for the purchased services in advances but cancel it without giving us prior notice, then we reserve the right to withhold 100% of the Pre-MOT Check fees (in case of Pre-MOT check appointment) and 50% of servicing cost (in case of servicing appointment).

5. Cancellations and Reschedules

You may reschedule the booked appointment to a subsequent date, subject to our availability on that date. But you must notify us of the reschedule at least two working days prior to the date of the scheduled appointment. If you have already submitted your vehicle for repair work at our garage, you are still entitled to cancel it and claim a full refund if we have not started working on it. If repair work has already begun on the submitted vehicle, then you may be subjected to cancellation fees to cover the labour cost. You are entitled to cancel the online order of tyres from our site within 24 hours of purchase and claim a full refund.

6. Estimates

The cost estimates for repairs/servicing we dispatch to the customers are acceptable for 14 days, after which they are deemed invalid. The dispatched estimate covers the cost of labour, materials and spare parts that may need to be utilised. However, the estimates do not cover the complete cost of the repairs/servicing as the final price can only be validated after the vehicle is stripped down at the garage and the issue is detected. If faults are identified that take the final cost more than the one specified in the estimate, you will first be notified, and only upon your consent to the additional charges shall the repair/servicing work begin.

7. Copyright

The materials and content present on our website are copyrighted to us. You may be permitted to view, copy, store, or print the materials and content of this website for a personal and non-commercial purpose only. You are not entitled to use it for commercial purpose. You must not copy, republish, rent, sell, or distribute any content and material of this website to the third-party agencies or use it for commercial purpose. Use of the content and material for commercial purpose is deemed as copyright infringement and may lead to site-access prohibition, financial compensation demand, or legal proceedings.

8. Conduct

If you submit your vehicle at our garage for servicing/repairs, then you also consent us to drive and test the vehicle on the road in order to ensure that the detected fault has been fixed successfully.

You must ensure to collect all the valuable belongings from your vehicle before leaving it in our garage. We are not liable to damage caused by the loss of these belongings.

The recommendations and suggestions provided by our employees or agents, and not provided by us in writing, is acted upon by you at your own risk. We are not responsible for these recommendations.

9. Parts

If you wish to inspect the parts that were faulty and replaced, you must inform us to retain these parts when you leave your vehicle at our premise. Unless a request for retention of defective parts has been provided to us in advance, all the components that were removed and replaced during repairs/servicing are considered our property and are disposed of adhering to the norms specified by environmental regulation.

10. Payment

The payment of the products/services must be made via cash, debit/credit cards or any valid bank cards. In case of online orders, you must make the payment when you are placing the order or when you receive the ordered product. For repairs, servicing or MOT check, you may make complete payment upon completion of work. However, you will be required to pay a small deposit before we start the required work.

We shall have a general lien on your vehicle along with its content in case of non-payments or incomplete payments from your side. We may even add the garage rent to the outstanding amount for the duration your vehicle is retained at our premise because of the lien. If the outstanding amount is not paid by you within three months from the date of the dispatched bill, then we may sell the vehicle along with all its content without giving you any notice. The proceeds that we receive from this sale shall act as payment of the outstanding amount.

11. Guarantee Claims

All the tyres that we sell on our site come with manufacturer's guarantee. At the time of claiming a service/repair that falls under this guarantee, you must present your request with the purchase invoice as a proof of purchase for validation.

Guarantees are not issued on adjustment services such as wheel alignment or wheel balancing services as they are heavily affected by your driving behaviour and the road conditions. Although, we do offer free readjustment service for the duration of one month from the date of the first adjustment.

We may reject your guarantee claims based on following conditions:

The purchased product is damaged because of your failure to adhere to manufacturer's operating and servicing instructions.

The purchased product is damaged because of natural calamity, theft, or regular wear and tear.

The purchased product was serviced or repaired by other garages without our prior approval.

12. Privacy Policy

Read Privacy Policy for details.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All the provisions mentioned on this page adhere to the laws governed in the UK. Use of our website means you accept to fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts to settle disputes pertaining to the use of our site.

14. Severance

If any provision stated on this page is considered invalid, then another provision defined on this page with similar intent shall override it. Rest of the provisions shall continue to remain in effect.

15. Third-Party Rights

The provisions defined on this page shall only be considered valid and enforceable between you and us. The terms stated here cannot be enforced by third-party agencies and individuals.

16. Third-Party Websites

We include several third-party links on our website for your reference. However, we do not claim or control any content and material present on these websites. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you because of using these websites. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of these websites before you start using them.

17. Updating Terms & Conditions

We retain the right to update the provisions mentioned on this when deemed necessary. It is essential you visit this page regularly to stay updated with the changes to our terms and conditions.