Privacy Policy

Welcome to Premier Tyres and Auto Care website!

This page explains the policy adopted by Premier Tyres and Auto Care concerning user information that is collected when the user uses the website https://www.premiertyresandautocare.com/.

From here on,

'We' or 'Our' refers to Premier Tyres and Auto Care. 'Our site' or 'Our website' means the website https://www.premiertyresandautocare.com/. 'You' refers to the visitor and/or user of our website. 'Data' is the personal and non-personal user information acquired by us through your use of our website.

We understand and recognise the value of user data and have taken several safeguarding steps to ensure your data stays secure and your privacy remains uncompromised. We take the matter of privacy concern very seriously.

Your use of our website consents us to collect and use your data for functions described in section 8 of this privacy statement. You must read through this statement thoroughly before you start using our site. If you disagree with provisions mentioned in this statement, then you must stop using our website immediately.

We retain the right to make changes to this policy as and when required. You must visit this page from time to time to stay updated with our privacy policy.

1. User Rights

As per new GDPR, you are now entitled to following rights: 

Right to be Informed

You have the right to be and stay informed about the types of data we acquire and how we process them. You may also ask us about the source of the data, the purpose of the data, duration of retention of the data, and details of personnel and third-party companies (if any) the data will be shared with. You also have the right to be informed if we plan to process the data differently from the process you initially consented for.

Right of Access

You are entitled to send us a request to gain access to the copy of your data stored and/or processed by us.

Right to Rectification

You may now ask us to rectify incorrect data or complete any personal information stored by us. The correction to the data will be made within one month of the request. The original data stored by us will be subjected to verification process again for accuracy before requested changes are made to it.

Right to Erasure

Subject to legal claims and compliance, you may now ask us to delete the personal information stored by us.

Right to Data Portability

You may request us to transfer your stored data to yourself or another data controller. The transferred data will be in machine-readable format.

Right to Restrict Processing

You may now request us to restrict the processing of your data entirely or partially. The data will still be stored, but not processed.

Right to Object

You can now send an objection request to us concerning the processing of your data by us in particular circumstances. For instance, You may now object to our use of your personal information for direct marketing purpose. 

Rights concerning Automated Decision Making and Profiling

We limit the use of automated decision making and profiling, especially if it may have a legal or similar significant impact on you.

Concerning all the Rights mentioned above,

You can send us the request either verbally or in written form (preferably) by contacting us through the contact information presented in section 8 of this privacy statement. Subject to its extent, you are entitled to get your request fulfilled for free. We will fulfil your request within one month from the date of the submission. If the submitted request is complicated and takes more than one month for us to fulfil it, then one of our representatives will get in touch with you and explain the cause of the delay its necessity.

If you need further information or wish to exercise your rights mentioned above, then reach out to us through the contact details mentioned in section 8 of this page.

2. What Data Do We Collect?

We acquire the following data upon your use of our website:

  • Personal Information such as your Full Name, Contact number, Email address, Home address, IP address, and vehicle details.
  • Non-Personal Information such as Browser type, Platform type, Operating system, ISP, referral source, duration and frequency of your visits on our site, site navigation, search terms, and browsing behaviour).

3. How Do We Use the Data?

Adhering strictly to the GDPR compliance and your consent, we use the stored data for following functions:

  • To fulfil user request pertaining to service and/or product offered on our website. We need your basic personal details to deliver the requested products and/or services to you successfully. For example, we require personal information such as name and home address to deliver a new tyre you ordered from our website or to book an MOT appointment for a specific date.
  • To offer user access to essential and restricted sections of our site. You will not be able to access our online booking system without sharing basic personal information with us.
  • To get in touch with you and/or respond your queries when you reach out to us directly through email or the 'Contact us' form on our site. Personal details are vital for us to respond and provide a solution to your queries, inquiries, and complaints.
  • For marketing and/or promotional activities to inform you about our latest product and service offerings, seasonal discount offers, trending news. You may choose to opt out any time you want by contacting us through details mentioned in section 8 and abstain from receiving the marketing content, that is in the form of messages and/or newsletters.
  • To analyse and study our site performance, and perform market research. This study, in turn, allows us to deliver improved features and content to you on our website. The data used for this purpose is non-personal and in statistical format.
  • To provide a user-tailored experience on our website which is based on your previous browsing behaviour on our site.
  • To manage, administer and run our website effectively.

4. Data Storage & Security Measures

We store your data on servers based within as well as outside the EEA (European Economic Area). Your continued use of our site consents us to this practice.

We have security safeguards in place, adhering to EU GDPR 2018 and UK Data Protection Act 1998, to keep your data secure and ensure maximum protection for your privacy.

These security measures include:

  • Encrypted (HTTPS) access.
  • Secure and reliable storage locations.
  • Two-factor authentication implementation.
  • Daily review of security processes.
  • Strict Data Access Permission on a need-to-know basis only.

We will keep your data safe, secure and store it till your consent permits us to and/or till the period we require your data to comply with the transactional, tax or legal obligations.

5. Who May We Share The Data With?

  • The stored data may be shared with:
  • Third-party companies that help us provide products and services to you successfully
  • Credit reference agencies to check your credit score
  • Government agencies
  • Security organisations and the police force
  • Advertising and Analytic Professionals for website optimisation, analysis, and marketing activities
  • Third-party data controllers

6. Third-Party Websites

Our website may contain links to third-party websites. The provisions mentioned in this privacy statement do not apply to these websites. We are not responsible for the content and features of these sites; nor are we responsible for the use of data by these sites. Kindly refer the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of these third-party websites before you use them.

7. Cookies

Cookies are small text files downloaded into your browser and/or hard drive when you visit our website. The cookies send us information that enables us to distinguish one user from another, which allows us to deliver a customised experience to each user of our site. Here are few reasons why we use cookies on our website:

  • To remember your login credentials created during previous visits and repopulate these details when you try to log in again, so you won't have type these details again.
  • To improve your navigating experience on our site.
  • To assist you with booking issues.
  • To manage and account for all the transactions that happen on our website.

We primarily use two types of cookies on our website. They are:

First-Person Cookies: These cookies are used only by us. We make use of these cookies to enhance our site and improve the user experience.

Third-Person Cookies: These cookies are used by third-party companies that may use your data for certain defined functions such as performance analysis or market research.

As per GDPR, these cookies cannot be downloaded into your electronic device without your active consent. When you visit our website, you will immediately see a pop-up message requesting your approval to download the cookies into your system. You can permit or decline the download of these cookies and continue to use our site. In case you have already downloaded the cookies and want to delete/block them now, you can do so using the browser settings. However, if you opt to delete/block all the cookies, your access to our site may be limited, and you may be unable to use essential features on our website.

The cookies we use are as follows:

Category Name Purpose
Strictly Necessary CookieSettings This cookie stores your browser settings for this website.
These cookies are used throughout our site and are essential to use our booking systems, Centre locator and other features.
Performance PHPSESSID this cookie could be with another name depending on the web server settings. It holds the ID of the customer session.
Third Party __utma
Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, as well as to provide a number of key features in the Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics sets or updates cookies only to collect data required for the reports.

8. Data Controller Information

Premier Tyres and Auto Care is the owner and the registered data controller of the website https://www.premiertyresandautocare.com/. We are a limited company based at 167, Blaguegate Ln, Lathom, Skelmersdale WN8 8TY. For any queries or questions pertaining to this policy, you can write to us at the address mentioned above, call us on 01695 50393 and/or email us on bikerpaul36@yahoo.co.uk.

If we are unable to solve your queries and/or concerns, you may contact the higher supervisory authority, Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).