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Are you looking for 4 Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Wheel alignment is a crucial factor which lets your car move forward with your car tyres all working simultaneously to fulfil one objective: to take it forward in a straight line.

Is your car showing symptoms of misaligned wheels?

We are here for you. Premier Tyres is now fully equipped for wheel alignment.

What happens when the alignment is not right?

There are many different impacts if the alignment is disturbed, both long term and short term. Some of those effects can be listed as:

Less control: With the wheel alignment compromised, the wheels are not anymore in sync with each other and controlling the vehicle becomes a challenging task.

Fuel economy: Faulty wheel alignment results in diminished fuel economy. When the tyres are not co-occurring, your car engine consumes more fuel than usual to make up for the extra effort.

If you have experienced a noticeable drop in fuel efficiency and are searching wheel alignment garage near me, search no more - just come to us. We can help.

Vibrating steering wheel: A major indicator of wrongly aligned wheels is a vibrating steering wheel. Further, the steering wheel will also have trouble re-centring after a turn or corner.

Should you notice so, it would be best if you come down to our facility as we have adequate equipment to adjust wheel alignment.

What are the components which account for a wheel misalignment?


Toe angle refers to the angle at which the front and rear wheels are set as seen from birds-eye point of view. This angle decides the uniformity in which a vehicle moves forward, on a straight line. When front tyres are angling towards each other, it is known as a toe-in alignment, whereas when facing outwards is referred to as toe-out alignment. If you notice either case, bring your car to our workshop immediately to get it fixed. We, being one of the premier garages for wheel alignment can resolve any wheel alignment issue pronto.


Caster is the angle at which the steering wheel axis is poised between the driver and the wheels. This angle determines the stability and controlling of the car. If it is inclining towards the driver, it is a positive caster while, if it is angled away from the driver, it is a negative caster. Factory set angle for caster is the best angle for generating best performance and stability.

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment have never been easier. All it takes is you to bring down your car to our garage, and we will take care of the rest.


camber refers to the angle at which the tyres of a vehicle are tilted. A tilt in the inward direction is a negative camber whereas an outward angling tilt refers to a positive camber. This factor is attributed for the uneven wear and tear of the tyres.

Our expert technicians will check these components and fix the issues hindering the balance of the car. Premier Tyres uses state of the art technology for wheel balancing, which makes a preferred wheel alignment garage.